Am Nat means ‘strength’ in Thai – we read this not only as physical ability, but above all as an inner strength that lies dormant within the soul of a fighter.

The club was founded in late 2009, and from then on it has consistently focused solely on teaching Muay Thai. Since then, many Muay Thai enthusiasts have joined us, the venue has undergone constant modernisation, the amount of training equipment has grown, and our presence at national and international competitions has become more frequent and numerous. At present we have a hall equipped with a non-slip mat, a ring measuring 4 x 4m, punch bags, dozens of pads and focus mitts, jump ropes, medicine balls, TRX suspension equipment and many others, but our greatest pride is the athletes representing us and the many individuals who, recognising their weaknesses, prove that they can push themselves beyond their limits.

Currently, three instructors coach nine groups for adults and two for kids – the groups are divided according to level of proficiency as they cater both for those who treat Thai boxing as a form of recreational activity, and also for those who want to get to know the true sporting challenge through competing. However, the coaches require complete engagement from everyone during training sessions in order for you to learn as best and as much as possible.